Audi pocket umbrella, black/silver

Artikel-ID: AUDC28884

331 SEK

(Inkl. moms)
Protect yourself from the rain and think about the environment too: waterSAVE cover material is used in the production of the Audi pocket umbrella, for which a dyeing process is used that reduces both consumption of valuable raw
materials as well as energy consumption and environmental
impact with hazardous matter.

- Double automatic umbrella with eight panel sections

- Windproof system

- Reflective piping in each wedge seam

- Handle with integrated release button and loop in a contrasting colour

- Sheath with snap button and silver piping

- Button on closure strap

- Reflective Audi rings print on one panel section
- Raised Audi rings on the handle
- Sheath with Audi rings logo

- Diameter: 104cm
- Length when closed: 31cm
- Weight: 394g

- Canopy: 100 % polyester
- Handle: plastic
- Stick: steel stick